When NLP is used to treat a host of limitations (anxiety, depression, fears, poor self esteem, stress, trauma that causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms, and/or psycho-social disorders) clients report feeling better, more spacious, more in command of their thoughts and feelings, and a sense of overall effectiveness. NLP modality, provides strategies that are easy to implement and readily available to those who are ready to make a lasting change in their emotional well being.

“After many years of emotional breakdowns in my marriage I began using a coach that taught me about NLP, it allowed me to go deeper and be able to process emotions that blocked me from intimacy. At first, it was overwhelming. It took several sessions to realize that my thinking was skewed and my judgments compelled my wife to yell and become frustrated. Through the techniques I learned in coaching, I learned to ask for her to listen and really hear what I was saying without taking it personally. In turn, I am able to listen to her now, without wanting to fix her problems. NLP made it possible for me to see my wife as a partner and an ally instead of a threat. The process has been liberating for my marriage, other personal and professional relationships as well.”

P. C., Lubbock, TX

“I was living through the filter of my childhood sexual trauma and unconsciously blaming everyone around me. It never occurred to me that I was the common denominator in all of my relationships and that is why I was getting the same response from everyone around me. Since I began coaching with Cindy and her using NLP with me, I have become aware of a little girl inside that was afraid to connect with others and was afraid to be vulnerable. Now, when I feel this way I am able to communicate with greater ownership and ask for support rather than isolate myself with unnecessary arguments that fed back to me that I was unworthy. I am managing my emotional pain better and living more fully with the tools I gained working with Cindy. I am seeing changes in many different areas of my life and my self-esteem is on the rise. Thank God.”

D. L., Pinelawn, NJ

“When I was fourteen when my parents divorced. I never saw them fight. I have been divorced three times now and started to believe I was a complete failure. Through NLP I have been exploring my expectations in relationships and learning how I caused others to lash out at me. The thought of aligning with this victim in myself was beyond my comprehension at first. Now, I know that loving that part of myself is the only way to improve the way I behave with myself and others. Although I am just beginning my NLP training, I feel lighter and more inspired than I have in years. My inner child and teenager are getting the attention and recognition they need and I am reparenting myself with love. I am hopeful that I will find love again and be able to experience it because I am learning to love myself.”

S. B., Santa Clarita, CA

“After my cancer diagnosis and beginning treatment I feared the worst. Life flashed before my eyes and I did not know what to do. I was recommended by my social worker to try coaching with an NLP emphasis and the results were astonishing. I stopped obsessively looking on the Internet for answers and started to trust myself that I would recover. Joy returned during my treatment. I am not healed yet but I am feeling myself well and disidentified with being sick.”

R. C, Novi, MI

“My fears have overwhelmed me and made me feel weak, overly emotional, sensitive, and unworthy to be around people. All of my decisions have been made to keep myself safe. I have been shy and missed out on many of the things I want to experience. My NLP coach has given me skills and tools to use when I feel uncomfortable so that I can stay focused on my goals and in the moment with my tasks. I am more relaxed and recently went hiking and mountain climbing–no small feat for someone who seldom leaves the house.”

D. J., Austin, TX

“Struggling with anxiety since childhood I have missed out on many opportunities including college and pursuit of a career. Being a housewife was unfulfilling. I began Coaching with Cindy and began to explore my limiting beliefs. My anxiety lessened and my confidence improved. I am taking actions to complete my education and am beginning to see a much bigger and better future.”

D. J., Wellington, FL

“After a cancer diagnosis left me depressed and feeling like my life was over, Cindy supported me by using techniques used in NLP. Through my treatment, I was able to manage the stress, eliminate the fear, and envision the life I would create after my treatment. I am now cancer-free and using the techniques she taught me to manage my life, my energy, and my attitude. I really had to learn to let go of my “what if’s” and embrace new beliefs in order to get well. Cindy has been a great teacher on the journey.”

S. L., Brooklyn, NY

“When my father passed away I was broken. I became lethargic, slept all the time, and had no idea how I would improve my condition until a friend introduced me to Cindy. Her sensitivity, compassion, and skill was just what I needed to reboot my system and begin again. After taking care of him for many years, my life was turned upside down and I had to reinvent myself and my life in order to go on. I feel I could not have done it without Cindy’s support. She is dependable, caring, and very good at what she does.”

H. B., Devonshire, UK